~ SoMeTiMeS I have a hard time making a decision but I can ALWAYS keep a secret
~ Although I am often silly, I don't really TRY to be, & most of the time I take things way too seriously
~ I'm domestically challenged:Cooking, Cleaning, Diapers, Laundry, & Planning alter my Behavior significantly
~ There is probably not one single song I can sing from start to finish without words on a screen
~ I am scared to death of speaking in front of adults, but would be on SNL in a heartbeat!
~ I want to get ONE TaToo Badly
~ Hope to have my own Bed & Breakfast/Book Store/Spiritual Retreat center in the near future
~ Think children should make the rules to live by-The world would be a better place, but NOT that they should get to enforce them
~ I have fallen in LoVe with the ways of a monk, or 2 & want to live in a Monastic way
~ I miss my parents & grandparents & wish I could spend more time with my siblings who are still here
~ I think truck stops should replace Wal-MArts, really...You can get EVERYTHING there & a piece of pie
~ My handwriting is more of an interchangeble Font, & somewhere along the way I lost my signature
~ i am a great speller & won the school spelling bee in 5th grade : DQ'd from finals by H-A-R-B-O-R-D-A-S-H-E-R: Harbordasher
~ i intentionally use the lowercase i, as an offering through my writing to remain humble, always
~ i am probably TOO nice, I lean towards the Positive & always believe the best in every person....Yes, i realize, need to give myself as much grace
~ You probably have never met a more Loyal Person (& it has taken me down with a few sinking ships)
~ i Believe that my own mind is my greatest challenge
~ i Don't smile (or laugh) as much as I used to
~ A goal of mine is to complete a triathalon
~ i heart: Yellow & Turquoise, Sushi, Sudoku, Sleep, Books, Movies, Music, yoga & tai chi, My friends, interior decorating shows, Etsy, Cheese, NonFat-No-Whip-Peppermint-NonFat-No-Whip-Peppermint-Mocha, FB, taking personality tests & ToDay
~ Collage is my favorite Art form, it is aMaZiNg how forgotten, discarded things can be restored into New Creation which also reflects how my faith in God encourages me to live into Who I am, as He intends for me to be, which has meant recognizing the brokenness that must occur before the beauty is able to emerge
~ My name means LOVE & although at times has been hard to live up to, I think it sums up my life, well
~ My 3 brave girls & their BiG hearted brother are my most treasured gift in this Life
~ I couldn't have picked a better man to share this Life with